Mark 9

you know in the ninth
chapter of the gospel of mark it is a
robust chapter say what do you mean by
there are at least 50 verses
there’s so much that’s happening in the
ninth chapter of the gospel of mark we
have the transfiguration
jesus healing a boy who’s
demon-possessed he’s predicting his own
and he talks about how to use the name
of jesus but here’s the thing i’d like
to focus on this morning
he shares an insight on who’s the
in the kingdom listen as i read from
mark chapter 9
starting in the 33rd verse from the new
living translation
it says after they arrived in capernaum
and settled in a house jesus asked his
what are you discussing out on the road
but they didn’t answer because they’d
been arguing about which of them was the
greatest and he sat
down called the twelve disciples over to
him and said whoever wants to be first
must take last place
and be the servant of everyone else and
then he put a child among them
taking the child in his arms he said
who welcomes a little child like this on
my behalf
welcomes me and anyone who welcomes me
welcomes not only me but also my father
who sent me i love this jesus is saying
listen to be great in the kingdom is to
be a servant
and a servant is one who’s humble like a
little child
a servant is one who’s trusting like a
little child
and jesus says this listen i’m not after
position i’m after your
heart i desire for you to desire me
by serving others and welcoming others
into my kingdom and
in my name and jesus here i don’t know
if you caught it
but he makes a bold statement in verse
37 he says whoever welcomes me
not only welcomes me but also my father
jesus is putting himself on the same
as god the father see jesus is the one
who is able to restore us to the father
is the one who is equal with the father
and jesus is the one who says come unto
just like a little child for i am here
to rebuild
and to restore