Mark 3

family bonds tend to be
far stronger than the bonds we have with
any other people
in general family members stick together
and stand up for one another
so it’s natural for us to think that
jesus earthly family
would have a place of greater importance
than his other followers
but in mark chapter 3 jesus showed us
that’s not the case after his conflict
with the pharisees about
healing on the sabbath and selecting his
12 disciples
then jesus mother and brothers came to
see him verse 31
says they stood outside and sent word
for him to come out
and talk with them there was a crowd
sitting around jesus
and someone said your mother and your
brothers are outside asking for you
jesus replied who is my mother who
are my brothers then he looked at those
around him and said look
these are my mother and brothers anyone
who does
god’s will is my brother and sister
and mother today’s passage doesn’t mean
that mary joseph and the brothers and
sisters of jesus were
unimportant to him jesus honored and
cared for his earthly family
what it does mean is that you and i by
and obedience are just as important as
they were to jesus
george calvin that great theologian and
pastor said it this way
everyone who is regenerated by the
and gives himself up entirely to god for
true justification
is then admitted to the closest union
with christ
and becomes one with him see
through faith we all have a seat at the
table we’re all a part of the family
of jesus christ