Mark 8

in mark 8
jesus gives us three steps to being a
follower of christ
just three things and here they are turn
from your selfish ways
take up your cross and follow him no i
didn’t say these were easy i just said
there was only three of them
so what does it mean to turn from your
selfish ways
well see human nature seeks comfort and
financially physically and relationally
always going to look for the most
convenient option to avoid possible
but we have to overcome this in order to
be obedient to god
now what does it mean to take up your
cross well just as jesus was obedient
all the way to the cross we have to
accept whatever path god has for us
then we can follow him someone said that
pulled people he didn’t push them he led
the way
and he invited people to join him so if
you hear that and think but that’s no
way to live
listen to how jesus put this into
perspective in verse 36 and 37
what do you benefit if you gain the
whole world but lose your own soul
is anything worth more than your soul
now let me just point out here the one
who said this
was nailed to a cross to purchase your
that’s how valuable your soul is and if
he’s willing to give his life for your
how much more should we forfeit our life
for his
eternal kingdom