Mark 1

well it’s an exciting day
we’ve actually completed the book of
matthew and today we start a new book
mark chapter one and let me just read to
you if i may some of the titles of what
in this first chapter of mark we see
that john the baptist prepares the way
we see the baptism and the temptation of
jesus we see jesus calling his first
casting out evil spirits and even
many people but let me read to you a
section that i find interesting
starting in verse 35 from the new living
before daybreak the next morning jesus
got up
and went out to an isolated place to
later simon and others went out to find
when they found him they said everyone
is looking for you
but jesus replied we must go on
to other towns as well and i’ll preach
to them too
that is why i came so he traveled
throughout the region of galilee
preaching in the synagogues and casting
out demons
here’s what i find so interesting for
today’s devotional thought
jesus had a full
schedule lots of things were going on
he’s casting out demons he’s raising up
new disciples he’s
being tempted by the enemy he even has
been baptized and you know what happens
it says the next day long before the sun
arose jesus arose
to spend time with his father and
everyone is looking for him it’s just
like the disciple says there he says hey
everyone’s looking for you you’ve got
more to do it’s happening for you jesus
right here in this place god is blessing
let’s ride this wave of ministry you’ve
done it you’ve succeeded
and you know what jesus says it’s time
to move
it’s time to go on to another town
here’s what i find so interesting
jesus you know what he honored the past
but he didn’t live there
he lived in the present and his priority
was intimacy with his father hearing
from his father
so that when those that were around him
began coming for him to give directives
him he could say with confidence
you know god has spoken to me i know
what i am to do
i am to go into other towns and preach
the gospel there
here’s my encouragement to you no matter
full your day was yesterday take
time today to spend time with your
father listen to him
because there’s oh so many voices that
would like to give you directives
suggestions and opportunities for you to
spend your time
but listen to your father get up
spend some time in his word for he will
speak to you