Yes, Coastline pastors do perform baby dedications.  This is a special time where a pastor will pray with the family that God would equip and guide the parents in rearing their child into the knowledge of who God is.   And, that the child will come to know Christ as their personal savior and live to serve Him.  

FOR CLARITY: Salvation is a personal decision the child must make for themselves later--when they are old enough to understand and choose Christ.  This prayer is more of a commitment on the Parent/Guardian's part to live as a Godly example and educate the child toward that end.  


During a service, we may set aside time to pray over a family.  This prayer is a commitment between the parents and the church to partner together in helping the parents in their goal of raising the child according to Biblical standards. To qualify for this type of public prayer, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The parent/guardian(s) must be the legal guardian of the child.
  2. The child's immediate family/guardianship must be actively attending and in community with the people of Coastline Gulf Breeze
  3. The family is in agreement with the doctrinal statements of Coastline


Because a family may not be active in the church, an in-service dedication would not be appropriate for it's purpose as a partnership with the church.  In these cases, our pastors would by happy to meet the family privately for a special time of prayer.  This could take place in a pastors office, or the Coastline family room. Any family member and friends are happy to attend.