Mark 10

in mark chapter 10
we have all kinds of topics in fact
just turn off some of that crazy stuff
on youtube on your
tv and read the bible you’ll be amazed
it deals with
same-sex marriage chapter 10 with
children and the wonder of children
the danger of money and then jesus talks
a lot about what it means
to be great in fact two of his guys his
james and john come to him and they want
to sit
when he comes to his place in the
kingdom well can we sit on your right
and your left can we be the top guys
under you
and jesus explains to them that they
don’t know what they’re asking for can
you drink the cup
do you know what you’re in for oh yeah
yeah we can handle
whatever comes our way just make us
and jesus begins to describe in mark
chapter 10
what true greatness is and i want you to
listen to what he says
he says whoever desires to become great
among you
shall be a servant and whoever desires
to be first of all
will be slave of all and then he says
listen here’s how i’m great
he said the son of man didn’t come to be
served but to serve
and give his life a ransom for many
jesus turns the whole thing upside down
and he says greatness
according to me and my father is those
who really
learn how to serve and to give their
life away
for others and this is a powerful
powerful lesson
that most of us never catch and really
don’t even want like james and john
to be servants to other people