Mark 5

you know in the fifth
chapter of the gospel of mark we’re
given two very insightful
dynamics and circumstances and episodes
in which
jesus finds himself being that great
you know in mark chapter 5 we’re told
the story of how jesus
heals a demon-possessed man and
casts out the demon into pigs and 2
000 pigs plunged to their death over a
but also in this chapter we’re told of a
who places her faith in jesus when
everything around her medically has
failed her as a sick woman she says you
i know that jesus could heal and we’re
told the story of how she made her way
and touched the hem of his garment
and she was made whole and jesus asked
this question
here in mark’s gospel chapter 5 starting
in verse 30 from the new living
he says who touched my robe
and the disciples said to him look at
this crowd pressing you how can you ask
who touched me
but he kept on looking around to see who
had done it
then the frightened woman were told
trembling at the realization of what had
happened to her
came and fell to her knees in front of
and told him what she had done and he
said to her daughter your faith has made
you well
go in peace your suffering is over
i love this it wasn’t that she had such
great faith but that her faith was in
such a great guy
that’s why she was healed jesus is the
ultimate healer
and here’s what he’s looking for from
you and i a simple trust
a simple reaching out to him and saying
in this circumstance and this situation
and this relationship
you can rebuild you can restore
would you make me whole i love that
is our ultimate healer and i want to
encourage you today
not to put your trust into anything or
other than jesus for he and he alone
is the one that rebuilds and restores