Mark 6

today we’ll take a look at mark chapterĀ 6
and i want to draw your attention to one
specific part of it but
all kinds of things are going on in mark
6 you should read it
jesus is rejected in nazareth he sends
out his twelve to do one of their first
he he doesn’t go to prison but
his cousin john the baptist is beheaded
in mark
chapter six but one of the highlights i
if you could call it that in the whole
is this feeding of the 5000 he’s got
this huge crowd and
and it’s getting late the sun is setting
and one of the disciples says we need to
send these people away we can’t feed
them we don’t have the money it’s it’s
and finally something happens
one little boy who has a lunch some
loaves and fishes
is brought to jesus and jesus has
everyone sit down
and he takes the fish he takes the
loaves he breaks them he multiplies them
and over 5000 people are fed
it’s a powerful story and of course one
of the
i think things we glean from that story
is that
we always i think at many times feel
how can i do all this that god’s asked
me to do how can i fill this
or take care of that and this story to
me says
just give the lord what you do have and
watch what he
can do with it give him your resources
give him your fish and loaves give him
your life
and jesus can take it he can break it he
can multiply it
and he can probably do more
with what you put in his hands than you
think he ever could with some loaves and
he fed a multitude he fed thousands
here’s what i believe god is saying to
us take what’s in your hand
and give it to jesus and watch what he
will do
he does the miracle you just trust him