Mark 4

in mark 4
jesus begins to teach his followers
about soil and farming of all things
the 12 disciples didn’t understand why
he would talk about something that
so he explained to him what he was
really talking about
see the soil represents the heart of a
person when they hear the gospel
but if we look carefully in verse 13 and
19 jesus
exposes the enemy’s process to rob us of
the joy of the gospel
satan uses distraction he uses our
persecutions the worries of life the
search for wealth and the desire for
earthly things
so we have to ask ourselves have any of
those things
captured our attention lately do you
think about those things more than you
focus on god
that is why we worship every week we
gather together and
sing at coastline we choose songs that
help us put our thoughts
on christ not on ourselves our problems
or things of this world
but on who god is then after expressing
this in faith and obedience our hearts
are open for the word to be preached
and the holy spirit to do what only he
can do
now today you may feel like your heart
is hardened
you may feel hopeless and you may think
it is impossible for even god
to reach you but listen with god
all things are possible jesus said that
himself in matthew 19.
you don’t have to be stuck in this state
of unfruitfulness
just listen to what david wrote in psalm
65 11.
you crown the year with bountiful
harvest even the hard
pathways overflow with abundance the
grasslands of the wilderness become lush
and the hillsides blossom with joy
the meadows are clothed with flocks of
sheep and the valleys are carpeted with
they all shout and sing for joy