Mark 15

in mark chapter 15
right after mark’s account of the
crucifixion of christ
we’re introduced to a man named joseph
of arimathea
it’s the day before the sabbath and mark
said as
evening approached verse 43 joseph of
arimathea took a risk and went to pilate
and asked for jesus body
joseph was an honored member of the high
council and he was waiting for the
kingdom of god to come
after confirming that jesus was dead
pilate told joseph he could have the
joseph bought a long sheet of linen
then he took jesus body down from the
cross wrapped it in the cloth
and laid it in a tomb that had been
carved out of the rock
then he rolled a stone in front of the
so who is this joseph and what’s
significant about his role in the
crucifixion of christ
the gospel tells us that joseph was a
respected member of the jewish council
a leader of wealth and high standing
mark also said he was looking for the
kingdom of god
matthew refers to him as a disciple of
and we see him do something that the
other more famous disciples of jesus
didn’t do he took courage and asked
pilate for jesus body
then we also see joseph wrapping the
body of jesus in a linen shroud
and placing it in a newly cut tomb
both the tomb and the shroud would have
been quite expensive in those days
which begs the question why would joseph
do these things
the answer relationship
i think joseph knew jesus as more than
just a teacher
or a leader and that the depth of
naturally led to a life of sacrifice
and that’s my hope for you and i today
that as we read through scripture
together and learn more about jesus
through the gospels
just like joseph we’d very naturally
begin to risk more
to be more courageous and to sacrifice
more for our savior
every day