Mark 14

in the gospel of mark
chapter 14 we have the whole
kind of behind the scenes look of jesus
with his men on his last night
there’s the lord’s supper there’s the
betrayal by
judas and there’s that final time when
jesus institutes what we know as the
lord’s supper our communion
and he says something that’s very
interesting and you can miss it
if you don’t understand the culture and
what’s going on with the whole meal
listen to what he says he says this is
the blood of the new covenant
which is shed for many and i say to you
i will no longer drink of the fruit of
the vine
until the day when i drink it new
in the kingdom of god with you guys at
the marriage supper of the lamb
is what he’s talking about and here’s
some of the background
see for a galilean wedding the groom
would come
and he would betroth himself to his
but they wouldn’t be legally married the
marriage wouldn’t be consummated till
much later but he would come and he
would give her a cup of wine
to be betrothed to her and right there
she would decide
if she was going to be in covenant or in
relationship or betrothal to this man
and she would drink the cup and later
they would have the marriage supper
probably a week or so later maybe even
beyond that
it was kind of like joseph and mary were
betrothed but they weren’t
yet married so jesus takes the cup
and he says here’s a new covenant
you’re going to be my bride but i’m not
going to drink this again
until we’re together at the marriage
supper of the lamb
so we’re betrothed to jesus he’s our
we’re the bride and we’re so looking
forward to
him coming again which could be soon and
we will sit down
with our groom the church the bride at
the marriage
supper of the lamb that’s his promise
that’s reality