Mark 16

well we’ve done it today we’ve
accomplished our second
book in this daily reading plan mark
chapter 16 records for us that
great colossal event known as the
the resurrection is what this being a
this is all about jesus
conquered death jesus is alive again
and so now let’s just go to the beach
let’s just hang out
let’s just you know eat drink and be
merry because
jesus he’s coming back again well
let me share with you the words that
jesus shared after he conquered death
these words are pretty important it’s in
verse 15
of mark chapter 16 he says go into all
the world and preach the good news to
anyone who believes and is baptized will
be saved but anyone who refuses to
believe will be condemned
these miraculous signs will accompany
those who believe
they will cast out demons in my name
they’ll speak in new languages they’ll
be able to handle snakes
with safety and if they drink anything
poisonous it won’t even hurt them
they will be able to place their hands
on the sick and they will be healed
see here’s what i find so interesting
about jesus’s words
he gives us a commission he says go and
preach the gospel
see individuals come to faith and
repentance in my name
but he also promises listen i’ll do
things that you could never dream of
like like grabbing a snake
like healing the sick like speaking in a
new language listen
as we walk in obedience god by his
spirit does things that we could
never even imagine so here’s my
encouragement to you today
don’t go out and grab a snake don’t
necessarily just place your hand on
do this first go into all the world and
preach the gospel
you see the miraculous is promised for
the obedient
and god’s called you and i to first and
foremost trust that the message of the
is what changes lives see jesus is the
that rebuilds and restores and let me
encourage you
from the words of the one who conquered
death go
therefore into all the world and preach
the gospel because
jesus he alone is the one who rebuilds
and restores and
jesus is our resurrected one