Mark 11

in mark chapter 11
we see the triumphal entry of jesus into
jesus clearing the temple of merchants
and a challenge to jesus authority
but right in the middle of the chapter
there are three very
interesting verses about jesus
cursing a fig tree listen as i read
beginning in verse 12.
the next morning as they were leaving
jesus was hungry he noticed a fig tree
and full
leaf a little way off so he went over to
see if he could find any figs
but there were only leaves because it
was too early in the season for fruit
then jesus said to the tree may no one
eat your fruit again first
notice that the fig tree had leaves but
no figs
and that’s not normal we call it false
advertising and i think jesus agreed
the leaves and the figs normally come in
then notice that the fig tree didn’t
have figs because
it wasn’t the right season it wasn’t
really supposed to have figs
the leaves said the figs are here but
the figs weren’t
in response jesus said to it let no one
fruit from you ever again the tree was
cursed for its early leaves not for its
lack of fruit
like israel in the days of jesus it had
the outward
form but no fruit
in this picture jesus warned israel
and i believe he warns us of god’s
displeasure when we look like we have
but there’s no fruit to be found god
isn’t pleased when his people are
all leaves and no fruit
so today let you and i ask god to help
bear much fruit