Mark 12

in mark 12 we meet the man that
almost made it into the kingdom of
now he was a good man a religious
teacher a man of understanding
and the only religious teacher in this
chapter that actually
listened to jesus with an open mind
he asked jesus what he thought the
greatest commandment was
and jesus replied to love the lord your
god with all your heart
soul mind and strength and to love your
neighbor as yourself
in this man’s response jesus saw that
this teacher not only
knew the scriptures but he understood
them well
he even loved god the father with all
his heart
but jesus still said you’re not far from
the kingdom of god
so if this man listened to jesus
if he understood jesus if he was moved
by jesus words how could he have missed
well the pivotal point is how he
jesus see he only saw jesus as a gifted
not as the messiah not as the final
sacrifice for a sin
not as the way the truth and the life
and not as the only way to come to the
father this thing we’re doing at
is not about religion but about a
let me leave you with a verse it’s a
brief exchange with someone who
did make it into the kingdom of heaven
he was a thief
and in his dying moment he realized and
proclaimed that jesus
was the savior of his soul listen to
luke 23 verse 42
then he said jesus remember me when you
come into your kingdom
and jesus replied i assure you today
you will be with me in paradise